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Of course our child comes first.  Of course I want our child to have the best life possible.  And even though being separated affects our family structure, I refuse to let this separate me and my child.

Simplified group scheduling
Propose potential times, invite a group of people, and get notified once the best time for everyone is found.

Experience the power of social scheduling.  With SimpleTALK, everyone has an influence on the final decision.  Scheduling happens in one organized place, so the days of endless back-and-forth communication are over.




At Major Brown Law, family law and mediation services come with SimpleTALK accounts for co-parents.

Family law and Mediation services include:

Parenting Conflict Resolution
Child related information sharing
Modification of joint parenting plan
Child-related information sharing
Holidays and vacations
Extracurricular activities
Education and schooling
Child support modification
Sending shared and consistent messages
Health, dental and medical issues
Child mental health
Relationships with relatives

Phone (678)761-0154 | email Major Brown Law, LLC


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